Joys of Renting

We (my husband and I), just moved into a house. Sort of. It’s actually a main floor of a house and there’s two other suites below ours. It’s interesting  to move from a house to a suite or apartment. I have started noticing how loud people can be just going about daily activities.  I have suddenly become self conscious and always wonder how much the people below can hear.  I miss the privacy of a house but at the same time it can kind of be reassuring knowing that there are people around the house most of the time even though we haven’t actually meet the neighbours yet.  

Here’s a couple things I’ve learned so far:

Cooking is a lot harder to do when you are trying to be quiet. 

It can be annoying to watch television when you constantly have to adjust the volume when the heater goes on and off.

Tassimo machine can be quite loud in the morning unless you hold it while it’s making coffee.

Listening to downstairs to see if they are having a shower or washing clothes so that I don’t get burned or chilled when trying to have a shower.

If I figure out their routines I can discover ways to make my life easier and I will know when I can be louder because their not home.

What are some things you have learned about while living in an apartment or suite?


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