Cake challenge..accepted

For a few months I worked in a bakery where my main jobs were to wash dishes, help customers and occasionally bake cookies… Sounds glamorous, I know. My brother just turned 25 so I decided to try to make a fancy cake like I watched my manager do so many times.  I had a couple challenges that I had to overcome while baking it. 

– ran out of icing after the top (I put quite a bit of icing between the two layers) 

– the cakes got stuck in the pans and some of the bottom cake came off

– the cake was crumbly came came apart when I was icing the cake

So I improvised. I melted some chocolate chips and glued on chocolate bark which I had made yesterday.  

I then put some of the melted chocolate in a plastic bag and cut the corner off and wrote on the cake.

Although I had a couple challenges, I am quite impressed with how the cake actually turned out.

I look forward to improving my baking skills and eventually making really fancy cakes.


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