Super saver

I love the thrill of finding a bargain. It is so satisfying to look at the bottom of the receipt and see in bold numbers the amount you saved. I think about all the things I can buy with the money I have left over. Thats another blog post. Todays post is about frugal shopping, finding things that are half off and almost expired.  The other day I saw all these fruits and veggies that said they were almost expired or looked not quite in there prime. I bought them and decided to fill my freezer. It took about a half hour to prep the food and freeze them.  I bought a big bag of lemons and chopped them different ways so when I need a slice of lemon for my rum and coke I have one or if I want to make lemon cake. The onions come in handy for stir frys and grilled cheese sandwhiches.  The bags of shredded cabbage, brocoli abd carrot are great for stir frys, borscht or any soup. There are many other things you can find and prep which will save you $$. Spinach, meats, berries are just a few other foods that if you find a great deal you can stock up and save.


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