Cleaning an enamel kitchen sink naturally 

Moved into my first home (always rented) a month ago. This house is quite old and it came with an enamel kitchen sink. It’s really nice and a good size to wash dishes in. However, it’s white and gets stained really easily. As you can see from the first picture, it was quite stained and ready for a good clean. Since it’s an older sink I didn’t want to try to clean it with chemicals since I could make it worse. First I cleaned the sink and dried it. Then I doused it in baking soda. The entire sink looked white. I took a soft sponge and wet it (just so it felt a little damp). Then I scrubbed, scrubbed and scrubbed some more until I couldn’t scrub any more. (See second picture) I rinsed out the sink. Then I took a lemon and cut it into wedges. I rubbed the lemon all over the sink and used the back of the lemon to scrub the tougher stains. Left it on there for a half hour. While it’s not bright white – it looks a heck of a lot whiter than it did before.